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We are the Italian subsidiary of the Swiss company Labo Cosprophar AG, leader in the pharmacies market with premium product lines such as Crescina® for hair care (in particular androgenetic alopecia) and the newest Fillerina® for face skincare. Labo is now present in more than 30 Countries mainly European, Middle East, some of North Africa and Far East. In each country we have an exclusive distributor that has the responsibility of the sales results while the promotional marketing and advertising responsibility is taken by Labo itself through a proven and successful experience in newspapers advertising.

Since 1998 Crescina® Re-Growth, which is the core business of Labo, has been the most important treatment in vials to help natural hair growth on thinned scalps, with a higher efficacy in comparison to standard anti-hair loss products: for such reasons, the brand has become a worldwide leader in the segment of specific hair care products.

The latest Fillerina®, is the first generation of filling and plumping treatments: it works in such a way as to be presented as a cosmetic filling treatment for at-home use. Fillerina® has already created a success story to be compared with the Crescina® one.

Labo International is looking for partners having strong and well established structure, with experience and introduction in the pharmacy channel. We have already studied a business plan in terms of value and points of sale for each country as well as a plan of press advertising for the launch of the product in the territory.

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Fillerina is the new filler for at-home use
Cosmetic preparation in Pharmacy

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